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About Us

East West IT Services LLC (EWITS) is a Pennsylvania registered US technology company, which provides a full life cycle of design, architecture, and implementation solutions for a wide variety of network infrastructures. The IT services we provide allow our customers to accomplish the full range of their mission-critical objectives. By applying the required in-depth knowledge and expertise in IT Systems Operations, Systems Architectures, Information Security, Network Security, Cyber Security, Software Integration, Technology Insertion, Website design, Software Development, Big data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), East West IT Services LLC ensures that our solutions are reliable, affordable, supportable and meet or exceed customer requirements. We strive to provide our customers with "Cheaper, Faster, and Better" IT services.


Team Members


Matt Zhang, CEO


Gerry Abad, VP

(Project Management)

Leo Zhang, VP

(Electrical Engineer)

Mark Kroneberg, Sr. Executive

(Business Consultant)
Michael Barthel.jpg

Michael Barthel, Sr. Management Consultant

(NERC CIP, Risk Work)
Dr. Quinsulon Israel, Ph.D.png

Quinsulon Israel, PhD

Principal Software/Data/Web Engineer

Chris Boley

Sr. Network Infrastructure Engineer

Peter Campbell

Sr. Infrastructure Architect

Harun Roshid

Sr. Network Security Engineer-Architect